We are the future of NEXUS in

South Sudan

Our Project

Food Security and Livelihoods

We are delivering the much needed emergency and recovery food security and livelihoods assistance to the last mile beneficiaries in hard to reach locations.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

WASH is our passion! We partner with other actors, partners, donors and the government agencies to provide sustainable solutions to WASH challenges.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Protecting women and girls from Gender Based Violence is a key pillar to our success. We take all the the steps in integrating GBV prevention in our projects.

“With support from CEDS and their partners, I am contributing to sustainable solutions to water access challenges and needs for my people and my community.”

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Hand Pump Mechanics


We are a national NGO in South Sudan, delivering much needed emergency and recovery humanitarian services to communities in need.

Through our WASH, health, Education, Food Security and Livelihoods and SGBV projects, we make deliberate efforts to support the in need communities through emergency to recovery and development. We support and facilitate in need communities to develop contextualised sustainable solutions to their challenges and needs.

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